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Thu Jul 7 21:38:38 CDT 2016


Sorry to hear!

Fortunately, you have actually been backed up, at least in part, by 
Archive.org.   A very useful resource, which has helped us recover a 
number of "poofed" sites as well as in a lawsuit to prove that the 
defendant (our client) had NOT changed the wording on their site after 
the fact.






They don't do as well with database-driven sites, but luckily your sites 
structure allowed them to grab all the pages I looked for. You may need 
to restore attached documents.

Let me know if you need some assistance.  I'm currently between 
contracts and might be able to give a hand.

On 7/7/16 4:54 PM, Bruce EBNet wrote:
> Dear GSBNers —
> Some of you know that the ancient library of Alexandria — the greatest 
> collection of knowledge ever, at that time — was burned, with a loss 
> of everything in it.
> In today’s world it can happen even faster, as when a hacker 
> commandeers your website and then you find that your host wasn’t 
> actually backing up and then . . . poof!  Gone.
> So it has gone with the BuildWell Source, the library we have been 
> slowly raising online so that y’all could have easy access to 
> technical and other information when you need it.  About 150 people, 
> like many of you, have used it and contributed useful stuff for 
> everyone’s benefit, and we thank you.  And we’re very sorry, it has 
> gone Poof.
> We are rebuilding that site as fast as we can, but it will take a 
> while.  (Ditto Ecological Building Network, bruce-king.com 
> <http://bruce-king.com> and Green Building Press.)  I’ll let you know 
> when it’s back up, and hopefully we can together build an even better 
> resource to serve the growth and effective practice of natural building.
> A major bummer, for sure, but in the end a “first world problem” — no 
> one is getting shot or starved or abused.
> I feel very grateful to be able to work with y’all.
> Bruce “Poof the magic dragon” King
> Ecological Building Network
> (415) 987-7271
> bruce at bruce-king.com <mailto:bruce at bruce-king.com>
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