[GSBN] Libraries can still burn

Anthony Novelli anthony.novelli at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 12:07:23 CDT 2016

Should you need support in rebuilding things, sing out Brucie.

Glad Bill pointed out archive.org before I did. I would be willing to put some time in searching and downloading, etc.

Would first steps be to work with a list of content, which could be made into a google.doc spreadsheet, and we could all comb the internets and check stuff off as it’s found?

I guess I’m also curious how you have adapted things to avoid them in the future? I had to completely rebuild TimOK’s site after somebody figured how to get past the not-too-secure Wordpress logins, though thankfully they just loaded it with clickbait links. Again, let me know if you need support.

Peace to all.

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