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Ian Redfern ian at adobesouth.co.nz
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Good afternoon Chris

We are strong proponents of CINTOFLEX D  the expanded polyester mesh we
³discovered" at your 2006 ISBC  and for convenience and surity to our
contractor and owner-builders we wrap the walls (which arwe less than 3000
high  in cintoflex - it is a small cost in the global view of building
Cintofelx provides additional tangentail load resistance (wind and
earthquake) tot eh lime plaster


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>Hi all,
>For the first time in a long time, I'm in the market for some mesh for
>our jumbo straw bale project this summer. The sources we've used in the
>past have all dried up and our inventory is empty.
>So I thought it might be a good time to check in and see what others
>have been using. We're not looking to cover the entire wall, but we have
>some significant amounts of framing that need bridging, and ideally we'd
>prefer not to use metal mesh. I'd love to know what any of you are
>currently using and where you're sourcing it and perhaps refresh our
>practice a bit!
>Chris Magwood
>Director, Endeavour Centre
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