[GSBN] Bullet Resistance of Straw Bale Walls

Chris Magwood chris at endeavourcentre.org
Tue Aug 16 13:33:26 CDT 2016

Hi Darcy,

I built a demo straw bale building on a military base a number of years 
ago, and begged them to shoot at it so I would know the answer to this 

Unfortunately, there was too much paperwork involved to discharge a 
firearm on a military base!

So I don't know...


On 2016-08-16 2:15 PM, Darcey Donovan wrote:
> Hello friends,
> Are there any tests out there regarding the bullet resistance of straw 
> bale walls? It is a concern in Pakistan, and I've received an inquiry 
> about it and if cement plaster would increase it.
> Our bales are 13" thick and we use earthen plasters, lime-stabilized 
> earthen plasters and lime plasters.
> Thanks,
> Darcey
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