[GSBN] EnergyPlus and hot arid sb

Alex Cicelsky (Kibbutz Lotan) alex at klotan.co.il
Fri Oct 7 09:15:29 CDT 2016

Dear friends,

I'm starting my PhD into zero-energy buildings for hot, dry climates. Yes, of course I will focus on energy conservation.

a. I would appreciate contacts with good folk who have been working on this issue in climates with no diurnal temperature changes - that is hot days And nights - and 24/7 cooling loads.

b. My advisor suggests I do the modeling work (there will be test cell monitoring in the future) with EnergyPlus. This is completely new to me and I would appreciate communicating with someone who has used it along with a graphic interface like sketchup or autocad.

c. Do you know of folk who have put straw bales into EnergyPlus?



Alex Cicelsky

Center for Creative Ecology | Kibbutz Lotan 88855 Israel

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