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Sun Nov 27 14:07:13 CST 2016

Howdy, GSBN —

After a major hack, we have rebuilt the library of natural materials, and are just starting to repopulate it with worthwhile papers, web links, and other useful resources.  Please check it out, and add whatever good items you may have:
http://buildwellsource.org/ <http://buildwellsource.org/>

Big thanks to Wild Bill Christensen for helping us rebuild!  

We hope it is easier to browse and use, but if you have any questions or feedback, contact me or better my wife/webmaster Sarah (sarah at ecobuildnetwork.org <mailto:sarah at ecobuildnetwork.org>).  I will be on retreat until Dec. 5.


Bruce King
(415) 987-7271
bruce at ecobuildnetwork.org

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