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Hi Mark,

If you can¹t find a suitable engineer licensed in ID, maybe it¹s not
difficult (or expensive) for an out-of-state engineer to obtain a reciprocal
license? If so my first thought is Jeff Ruppert (on this list) in Colorado
or a number of California engineers (including some on this list).

Another possibility is for an out-of-state engineer to do the structural
design/calcs and have Lindsey Love stamp/sign the structural design.
Assuming both parties are comfortable with that and assuming she¹s a
licensed architect in Idaho. I don¹t know of a jurisdiction that wouldn¹t
accept a structural design from a licensed architect for a single family
dwelling two stories or less (still going through the normal plan check).

A third possibility is to have an out-of-state engineer familiar with SB
consult with a licensed Idaho engineer who isn¹t, but whom Lindsey trusts.

Also, I don¹t know if the State of Idaho or the local jurisdiction have
adopted Appendix S from the 2015 IRC. But Appendix S clearly allows
load-bearing with specific capacities for different wall assemblies (mostly
a function of plaster type) and detailing requirements. Even if Appendix S
hasn¹t been adopted it could still be used to justify a load-bearing design.

I hope that helps . . .


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Greetings all!

My friend Lindsey Love, an Architect in Driggs, ID is looking for an
engineer to help with getting load bearing straw bale approved and adopted
into their jurisdiction. I personally don¹t have on licensed in ID. Do any
of you great people know of one willing to work with Lindsey?


Mark Jensen
Big M Construction
bigmconst at gmail.com

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