[GSBN] Domain name for sale

john rehorn rehorn at frontier.net
Mon Apr 3 18:57:39 CDT 2017

Hi everyone,

I’m just putting out a feeler to see if any organization out there would be interested in buying “www.strawbaleconference.com”.  I’ve had it for twelve years and used it to promote Colorado sb confernces and the 2012 International.  I’ve been paying for it out of pocket all this time and I’m ready to pass it along.  It’s a good site and since it’s somewhat of age, it will attract visitors to a natural building conference as quickly as you publish your site.  An appraisal online gave it a $1600 price tag, but I’d ask much less, just as a way of recouping some of my expenses.  If you run an online appraisal on it you can see it’s good points and bad ones.

I hope everyone out there in the natural building world is doing well.

John Rehorn

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