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Hello GSBN:

We received the inquiry below, and in addition to meeting with and connecting these students locally this summer, we’ve offered to connect them to those of you in Mongolia and Japan who may have an interest in meeting.  Please write to Coline directly if you are in Mongolia or Japan and able to meet with them.  

Merci beaucoup, 

David and Anni / ATA & CASBA

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Coline Madelaine:  coline.madelaine at gmail.com <mailto:coline.madelaine at gmail.com>

Dear Mr Arkin and Ms Tilt,

Elsa Ricaud, who visited you a few years ago while she was working on her research « Earthern raw, tradition, innovation », advised me to contact you.
I am a french just graduated architect leading a project with my little sister Capucine, who is also studying architecture :
From may to august 2017, we will travel to Mongolia, Japan and the United-States to report on innovative, supportive and sustainable citizen initiatives, in the fields of architecture, crafts and agriculture. By sharing the path of people who, within their means, tend (and success!) to improve their lives and others', we are convinced that we will find levers of inspiration and action.
From the material collected throughout our trip, we will work with children and teenagers to make them think of different ways of being engaged and get them realize what they are able to do by themselves, with their own means and tools. We also want them to discover architecture and to learn how to observe their living environment so that they can better understand it and take ownership of their lifes.

Elsa told me a little about your work and I had a look at your website and it is exactly the type of project we wish to discover! We are very interested in earth and sustainable construction (we are coming from the department of the Manche in France, in Normandie, where a lot of old buildings are built in earth but we lost a little the ownership of the old techniques to preserve it, so we are very curious to see what is happening elsewhere !) and would love to learn more about it !

Do you think it could be possible that we come to visit and meet you ? It would be really meaningful for us to see what you have created there and get to know your work !
Elsa told me that you could be very busy but if you have a little time for us, it would be great !!

If you have any questions our need any informations to understand our project or profiles better, you can of course ask me to present it more precisely.

I hope to read from you soon and thank you a lot for your attention,

Best regards,

Coline (and Capucine !)

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