[GSBN] Official tests for fire resistance rating of mud bricks

Graeme North graeme at ecodesign.co.nz
Sun May 7 17:40:33 CDT 2017

Hi everybody

We all know that mud bricks do not burn but are there in fact any offical (Laboratory or Government sponsered ) fire resistance ratings test that have been done anywhere?  
I do not seem to have one at hand.
I have some recall of one were the bricks were deemed to have failed the test because of a bit of minor early smoke generation from small amounts of straw on the surface that flashed off, ignoring that the brick was then fine after that.

I’ve got a sharp-eyed fire installer and building inspector to satisfy about safe distances of a wood burner from an adobe wall where we do not want to install heat shields.

Ah the joys of building in an increasingly weird world.


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