[GSBN] energy efficiency.

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It might be important to remember that this is a newspaper reporter, and remember who her/his audience is. The reporter is likely looking for a sweeping, usually and generally accurate, estimate. While the nuances of “compared to what?”, and “in what climate?”, are important for builders, energy geeks, and clients who are considering their immediate home-building options, for a newspaper article, those details are in the weeds.
I suggest that you give her/him a range, like “between 20% and 50%.” You should tell the reporter that there are a lot of variables that can affect how big that percentage is, but unless this reporter also writes for a more technical journal, s/he is not likely to want to get into that level of detail.

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Dear Rikki

The question is energy saving compared to what?

We can build straw bale houses in low energy standard (according to the minimum energy standards)
or even as passive house. So the energy saving in this case compared to a conventionally insulated house is zero.
If you build with big bales, this may result (theoretically, without including windows) in half the energy consumption of a passive house.

Important is the saving of preliminary energy compared to conventional insulations and the CO2-storage.
According to Werner Schmidt: „Straw Bale Houses need only 10-15% of the preliminary energy of a conventinal house”.

Compared to a concrete house a straw bale house needs 50 times less energy in production (source: GrAT, TU Vienna)

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A reporter for a National newspaper here in Spain wants to write an article on SB.

She asks me: what is the % of energy savings in a SB house?

Can anyone give me a ball-park figure? o a link to somewhere with reliable data?

I usually compare the centimeters of insulation in a conventional house, to that of SB. But I don’t have the data on what the difference is in real savings…

thanks, Rikki

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