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Thanks. That is exactly the problem. She writes for the section of “business” in the paper and knows NOTHing about building… I sent some explanations which she asked me later to “simplify”.

> I suggest that you give her/him a range, like “between 20% and 50%.” You should tell the reporter that there are a lot of variables that can affect how big that percentage

That is exactly what I did. 

> El 15/5/2017, a las 18:52, Nehemiah Stone <nehemiah at stoneenergyassc.com> escribió:
> It might be important to remember that this is a newspaper reporter, and remember who her/his audience is. The reporter is likely looking for a sweeping, usually and generally accurate, estimate. While the nuances of “compared to what?”, and “in what climate?”, are important for builders, energy geeks, and clients who are considering their immediate home-building options, for a newspaper article, those details are in the weeds. 
> I suggest that you give her/him a range, like “between 20% and 50%.” You should tell the reporter that there are a lot of variables that can affect how big that percentage is, but unless this reporter alsowrites for a more technical journal, s/he is not likely to want to get into that level of detail.
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> Dear Rikki
> The question is energy saving compared to what?
> We can build straw bale houses in low energy standard (according to the minimum energy standards)
> or even as passive house. So the energy saving in this case compared to a conventionally insulated house is zero.
> If you build with big bales, this may result (theoretically, without including windows) in half the energy consumption of a passive house.
> Important is the saving of preliminary energy compared to conventional insulations and the CO2-storage.
> According to Werner Schmidt: „Straw Bale Houses need only 10-15% of the preliminary energy of a conventinal house”.
> Compared to a concrete house a straw bale house needs 50 times less energy in production (source: GrAT, TU Vienna)
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> Hi,  
> A reporter for a National newspaper here in Spain wants to write an article on SB. 
> She asks me: what is the % of energy savings in a SB house?
> Can anyone give me a ball-park figure? o a link to somewhere with reliable data?
> I usually compare the centimeters of insulation in a conventional house, to that of SB. But I don’t have the data on what the difference is in real savings…
> thanks, Rikki
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