[GSBN] Load-bearing straw bale idea

Rikki Nitzkin rikkinitzkin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 10:06:50 CDT 2017

Hi all, 

I forward a petition from a Spanish architect who wants to know if his idea has been tried, and if it worked.

He is planning to build a Load-bearing SB home. The roof will have two “waters” (what is that called in english?)- creating a triangular gap on both sides of the roof. 

He wants to try to put the main beam (Spanish architecture doesn’t use triangular rafters, but a main roof beam, with the other beams resting on it) directly on the bales. His idea is to put a wooden panel on top of each row that is above the roof-plate, until reaching the main beam- using very well compressed bales.

Has anyone tried this? 

Here is a drawing of the idea:

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