[GSBN] Load-bearing straw bale idea

Lance Kairl sabale at bigpond.com
Fri Jun 23 19:30:27 CDT 2017

HI all,

While the idea looks fine , it’s the concentration of load ( weight ) onto the two very top bales ( one each side) that is concerning.

Effectively ½  the weight of the roof and any wind loads etc  is  distributed thru the one bale,  yes in a slight triangulation , but basically creating a point load  on the top bale.

Raseing concerns that the one bale , then the 2 bales below will compress  ( initially and  over time )  distorting the roof structure and pushing the  other walls outward..


The amount of timber used in the  wooden panel horizontals  , may be as much as a single post  supporting the ridge beam,

And resulting in a more modified loadbearing type of structure.


There are engineers out there that may like it more than me   ( and mathematically like it ) ,

But I feel the approach is flawed.


Cheer s   Lance



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