[GSBN] latex paint on lime or cement plastered straw bale walls

Rikki Nitzkin rikkinitzkin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 06:35:59 CDT 2017

Hi Jim, 

you say "I occasionally see is latex paint on the interior of plastered straw bale walls”. 

not on the outside?

I have never used latex paint on SB walls, but i do know it is LESS (not saying “not at all”) problematic to have the inside of the house sealed with a vapor barrier- since this keeps the moisture inside the house, instead of the walls. As long as the outside plaster is more vapor-permeable than the inside, it should not be a problem. I even know a guy in Germany who made a SB sauna. Inside completely sealed to vapor and moisture, and outside a very permeable earthen plaster.

I would be more worried if the paint/cement was on the outside.


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