[GSBN] Straw bale building in tropical areas

Noé Solsona noe at anarchitecture.org
Mon Jun 26 16:26:21 CDT 2017

Hello Balers,

Hope you are all fine in the full season arriving ?

Back from the ESBG in Venise where I made great contact to go and give courses on plastering bales and mechanization of plastering, I got one request for building with bales in Benin.

Did any one of you did such experience or heard of such one in this kind of area’s ?

I know that I have always heard that we can build with bales all around the world where there is straw, but not in tropical places.
But I also hear that it could be possible if we have a vapor block membrane in the outside, and clay plastering in the inside with a good and strong air conditioning system.
What do you think ?

Thank you very much in advance for your brith advices ;)
Noé from France

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