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According to the link below, Benin in every month is just about the same temperature as Marseille in the summer.  So it is not excessively hot, but it is always pretty warm.  Lower summer temperatures than Houston, or some other USA locations with SB houses.  High humidity, certainly.  Using air conditioning in a hot, humid climate increases the risk of condensation within the bale wall, so a careful plan for handling moisture will be quite important.



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Hello Balers,

Hope you are all fine in the full season arriving ?

Back from the ESBG in Venise where I made great contact to go and give courses on plastering bales and mechanization of plastering, I got one request for building with bales in Benin.

Did any one of you did such experience or heard of such one in this kind of area’s ?

I know that I have always heard that we can build with bales all around the world where there is straw, but not in tropical places.
But I also hear that it could be possible if we have a vapor block membrane in the outside, and clay plastering in the inside with a good and strong air conditioning system.
What do you think ?

Thank you very much in advance for your brith advices ;)
Noé from France

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