[GSBN] Straw bale building in tropical areas

Bill Christensen lists at sustainablesources.com
Wed Jun 28 12:47:18 CDT 2017

Hi Noé, et al,

Over the years I've become a fan of the concept of passive 
sustainability:  specifically, what happens to the building when power 
and mechanical systems such as air conditioning fail?

In the wall described below, you're creating a dependence on the air 
conditioning system, and therefore setting yourself up for potential 
wall failure if the A/C goes down for an extended period, whether due to 
something as simple as financial constraints or as extensive as global 

Better to build without such dependencies whenever possible.

On 6/26/17 4:26 PM, Noé Solsona wrote:
> But I also hear that it could be possible if we have a vapor block membrane in the outside, and clay plastering in the inside with a good and strong air conditioning system.
> What do you think ?

Bill Christensen

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