[GSBN] Straw bale building in tropical areas

Noé Solsona noe at anarchitecture.org
Thu Jun 29 00:17:42 CDT 2017

Hello Derek and Bill,

Thanks for your returns, and advice regarding analyzing the moisture effect.
I definitely agree with you Bill, that’s why I wrote to the GSBN to ask how to do and if it’s possible or suitable to build with straw in tropical climate ? Because I don’t want to be dependent and risk the failure of the air conditioning.

So am very wondering if it’s possible to build with straw ??
Would it be better with light straw ?

Thanks for your advices.

> Le 28 juin 2017 à 19:47, Bill Christensen <lists at sustainablesources.com> a écrit :
> Hi Noé, et al,
> Over the years I've become a fan of the concept of passive sustainability:  specifically, what happens to the building when power and mechanical systems such as air conditioning fail?
> In the wall described below, you're creating a dependence on the air conditioning system, and therefore setting yourself up for potential wall failure if the A/C goes down for an extended period, whether due to something as simple as financial constraints or as extensive as global apocalypse.
> Better to build without such dependencies whenever possible.
> On 6/26/17 4:26 PM, Noé Solsona wrote:
>> But I also hear that it could be possible if we have a vapor block membrane in the outside, and clay plastering in the inside with a good and strong air conditioning system.
>> What do you think ?
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