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Lance Kairl sabale at bigpond.com
Thu Sep 14 06:35:20 CDT 2017

HI all,

Band saw  type  saw mills  are great , usually  portable or is that re locatable , petrol powered ,  loud, with  exhaust fumes , and a hot exhaust.

Having had an on site fire from a petrol powered air compressor I am not keen on hot exhausts on the building site.


We have for 20years now used electric chain saws,  yes  light weight , very portable,  generally available  locally , inexpensive ,  easy to get new chains for or to sharpen.

I had thought of removing every second tooth, but find  a standard blade does fine.

There is a tendency for straw to get under the chain , and make it stretch  , we may adjust it 4 times a day.


Having used many brands , we have surprisingly found Ryobi  brand 2500w  electric to be our preferred at present.

Note model and design of all brand s change regularly.

Why , price about Au $160  

           Long bar as standard  18 inch

            Best clearance  for cut straw to exit out the back of the chain saw , best out of many .

           Easy adjust chain .

            Bar oil filling is a little slow, tilt blade up and the oil goes in easier.




We regularly  notch bales for posts  ,  ( 4 x 4 , 6 x 4  etc ) some times having to move or flex a bale twine a little so as not to cut it.

Notching a corner is straight forward, usually person placing the bale puts it up against the framing, marks the notch to be cut, ( red marker , liquid chalk type are great for this )

Hands it to the person cutting or cut it themselves. ( advantage of small portable saw).

Notches along the face of the bale is marked in similar fashion, but plunge cut with the chain saw, advantages of a long cutting bar.


Our most recent job  one chainsaw operator kept up with  3 pairs of bale layers.


Note ;  notches for  noggins  between studs  ( fire blocking  I think it is in the usa  )  may be a bit more tedious.


Cheers lance

House of Bales





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