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Re: Clay paints/sealers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Thank you to the League of Justice or whatever this amazing collective
refers to itself as.

I've compiled responses to forward and am providing one from Tracy Thieriot
I got off list:

>>Replying offline here from a different address than the one I use for
GSBN.  I have used the sealer Chris is speaking off and plastered over it.
With clay based paints I have done both a non-voc primer over it and also a
paste/sand primer before the color layer (s).  Worked just fine.  I have
also tried just doing the paste/sand primer with no sealer underneath and
over time (about 5 years) their was a strange leaching issue which
presented as a darkening of the plaster in certain areas - no moisture
intrusion and I took it to be some oxidation process with the wood/ glues?
They were not plasters or paints that have ever oxidized in other
situations. Feel free to share on the list - <<

Also one or two points of clarification brought to light by people who read
more carefully than I write:
1) The person with MCS lives elsewhere where she is having a reaction, and
this former workshop space is being converted to accommodate her.
2) I was referring to drywall with integrated fiberglass.

Every application is usually non-optimal in some way, as is this situation,
though I am hopeful my friend can glean enough from the wisdom shared here
so generously to truly improve his daughters life.

You all mean the world to me.

Thank you.
Tony Novelli
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