Please note: Sustainable Sources is not currently taking new web design clients.

Some Recent Sites

The Last Straw Journal

The Last Straw Journal

The Last Straw Journal’s revival in 2013 was accompanied by a stem-to-stern redesign of their website. Includes an updated online store for subscriptions and back orders, an easier to use Human Resource List, self-service events calendar and classified ads, and an expanded library of free online articles. It’s immensely easier to use by both the publisher and the visitor than the previous website. Design by Morninglori, implementation and hosting by Sustainable Sources

CanyonTravelMexico.com Screenshot

Copper Canyon, Mexico

This site for a tour company specializing in Mexico’s stunning Copper Canyon has needed a facelift for years. New investors decided to go for a wider audience, translating the site into multiple languages and including the long-awaited ability to make reservations online.


Sustainable Design Center, Austin TX

As is often the case with architects and other design professionals, longtime green architect/builder Ben Obregon of the Sustainable Design Center came to us with an existing design, but didn’t know how to change from his existing site to one that he could keep updated himself. We put together the tools he needed to do the job.Includes an extensive gallery of homes from over 15 years of work.

Sue Barnett Sustainable Design

Sue Barnett Sustainable Design, Round Mountain TX

Sue wanted a strong visual impact from her site, and since she and her team consult primarily with large corporate clients for whom download times aren’t as much a problem as they are for the average homeowner, she wasn’t afraid to display massive images. We took full advantage, with a gallery that shows projects she’s worked on in their best light. Each is backed up with details and descriptions of the major sustainable features and LEED or other ratings where appropriate.Sue has since left private practice and closed down the website.


Rainharvester.com, Austin TX
http://Rainharvester.com (no longer online)

A pioneer in the natural building movement, Charles Gibson built a strawbale home with rainwater catchment in the early 90s and soon made a business of installing rainwater systems around central Texas.But when it comes to websites, he admits he doesn’t know much. So of course he turned to SustainableSources.com to turn his confusing and hard-to-navigate self built hodgepodge into the current well designed and informative site.


Glenrose Engineering, Austin TX

Glenrose Engineering’s most recent redesign.


Medicine Horse Studio, Ukiah, CA
(2010, with updates to the present)

Artist Gene Avery North’s gallery site.

Casa Verde Homes

Casa Verde Homes, Georgetown TX

Casa Verde Homes – a long-time green builder in the Austin area – stepped into the 21st century with their first ever website.Includes a slideshow of some of their favorite work.


Wood Stock from the Past, Burton, OH http://WoodstockFromThePast.com

Wood Stock from the Past dismantles barns and other pre-1900 buildings and sells beams, mantles, re-milled flooring, and more.

RTedter.com, AIA

Ross Tedter, AIA, Austin TX

Green architect Ross Tedter asked us to build a gallery site to show off his work.

Natural Building Colloquium Texas 2007

Natural Building Colloquium Texas, Kerrville, TX

We were sponsors of the NBCTX, and contributed to the effort by building and hosting the website and listservs as well as serving on the planning committee. Sorry you missed it, we had a great time!

Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, Central Texas

Virtually all of this site’s content is built and maintained by the HTGCD staff using a customized “word processor-like” interface. New pages can be added, new files uploaded, existing content updated, and news articles can be generated and automatically archived with this custom-built solution.

The Natural Gardener Austin

The Natural Gardener, Austin TX
(2005, with updates through July 2012)

We worked extensively with the Natural Gardener staff to bring their site up to a level that would reflect their high aestetic values while also taking a lot of the Q&A load off staff. The site has several sections which are updated by staff on a weekly basis.

You did a great job designing the NG website. It’s beautiful, very user-friendly; worlds beyond the old site. And it’s pretty easy to maintain & update, as well. — Holly Stewart

(Site was redesigned again in mid 2012 by a different firm)

Lincoln Green Building Group

Lincoln Green Building Group, Lincoln, NE.
(2005, 2010)

This is a fairly straightforward site to support the activities of the group. As with many of our sites, it allows the group’s organizers to save money by updating their content themselves with just a password and web browser.

Updated to WordPress in 2010

Stewardship Architecture

Stewardship Architecture, Austin TX
(~2004 with updates through the present)

We’re big fans of Stewardship Architecture’s work and were happy to be given the opportunity to build a website to promote it. Many are drawn to the simple elegance of the home page.