Site Updates

We encourage updates and corrections to this site!

With the our new redesign we’ve made it possible for many more people to collaborate and contribute to the information on this site.

Would you like to write a section on a topic we haven’t covered yet? Great!

Murv Thornton is developing a section on Papercrete
Bill Christensen is working on a section about Block Materials
Jeanine Christensen has started on Plastic and Composite Lumber

We’re looking for writers interested in contributing sections on:
Insulating Concrete Forms
Timber framing
Earthen Plasters
Salvage & Deconstruction
Cordwood Construction
Radiant Floor Heating
Cob Construction

Did you find something that is incomplete or incorrect? Please let us know. A number of the existing sections such as Paints/Finishes/Adhesives and Floor Coverings could stand some updates and expansions, and you could be the person to do them.

We’ve written a general outline of what to cover for each topic.