Global Straw Building Network list Archives (GSBN)

The GSBN is a small private email list composed of representatives of regional organizations and other non-affiliated key individuals involved in the general advancement of straw-bale and other straw-use building materials and techniques. The intentionally small number of members range from highly experienced professionals to well informed laypeople. Participation in GSBN is by invitation only at present, however the goal is to spread knowledge about building with straw widely, therefore these archives are open to all.

GSBN is a dual-function device. First, as a somewhat mundane information sharing forum of a principally organizational and clerical nature; second, and more exciting, as a thinktank about infrastructure and large issues - as opposed (in both functions) to a basic how-to forum, which already exists elsewhere.

The costs of operating the list have lately been underwritten by The Last Straw Journal in exchange for use of the GSBN as an advisory board and technical editing arm.

Email addresses have been removed from the messages in order to thwart spammers.

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